What can I offer for your help?

Even if it is not much, I will try to give back what I receive, not financially, but at least by other means.

I can:

-take pictures, videos or interviews (I am going to a conference with at least 1000 delegates)

-find out relevant information from Egypt or from other parts of the world, if interests you

-write an article or several articles (I will keep this blog and my personal blog updated anyway)

-use my Facebook account for whatever kind of service

-wear your T-Shirts and take pictures of me with it near important places or share materials on the Romanian stand we will have at the Global Village

I also want to send postcards to all of you who help me, so I will also need your address:)

If you have other suggestions of how I can repay you, please tell me here by posting a comment or write to me at anca.iordachescu@gmail.com 🙂

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