Why this experience?

You know the word “wanderlust“? I have this immense desire of knowing other places, other people, live and experience “the different”. Since my first year of college, when I also joined AIESEC, I have been travelling the country from one side to another and a bit of Europe.

Last summer I got accepted in a Youth in Action course in Poland, everything being paid by the EU, except 30% of the transportation. It was really great, I enjoyed Poland, it is a very underrated country and a lot of knowledge in Outdoor education which I gained there helped me when I got back in AIESEC. In autumn I applied as facilitator at a Conference in the Czech Republic, everything being paid as well, except a part of the transportation. So I booked my flight of coming back with WizzAir through Venice, because I wanted to see this city as well, I was all alone in this. Of course I developed a lot of skills going there, I met a lot of people who I befriended and who I will meet this year in Egypt.

So why Egypt? It is an African country, and I have never gotten out of Europe. Besides the whole experience in an exotic country, seing the Pyramids and observing another culture, the AIESEC purpose is pushing me towards really wanting to go. There will be around 1000 delegates from over 110 countries and territories, companies, Alumni from all over the world, we will be discussing youth issues and we will see how can we better add value to AIESEC in our countries and local committees.

I wouldn’t want to bullshit you with dreamy pink descriptions. Of course there will be events like Egyptian Night, Gala Dinner and other “distractions”. But I am taking this Congress as a full experience, from the pre-study tour until my departure from Cairo back to Bucharest. If curious, you can also check the website: http://ic2013egypt.org/. The conference will take place in Sharm el-Shekih.

All in all, it’s something I really want to try, go there, hear stories, create stories, come back and empower my people.


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