In the last message I was telling you that I was preparing to apply for the visa.
Well, on the 30th of June I went to the embassy and everything was just fine. They accepted my application and on the 14th of August I will get my visa.
As I told you the departure date is on the 15th of August.

Now I want to make a small report about all the money that I received and spent until now:

My contribution: 221 euros

Relatives & friends  contribution: 167 euros

Alumni contribution: 606 euros

Total: 994 euros

Expenses until now:

vaccines 100 euros

visa: 95 euros

flight ticket 541.18 euros

Total expenses: 736.18 euros

The only things that remain to cover are the health insurance and first month expenses. 

Thank you again to all of you that helped me! 🙂