Hey, dears,

I know I haven’t been very active in the online environment lately, but I want to update you with what I managed to raise until now, as I promised I will do:)

I have got all the money I need, and for that I am really grateful to some wonderful people who helped me a lot and understood the situation I was in.

Thank you Tibulca George, Adi Bora, Cosmin Mitroi, Shirina Chaves 🙂

Also I would like to express a special gratitude to Cristi Boldișteanu, who was an unexpected friend in need, and I really appreciate that. >:D<

Thank you also Sorin Iordăchescu, Eugen Curea and Asiza Munereanțu:)

I feel rewarded for having people in my life who are beautiful and willing to support, and being humble in the same time, without making me feel uncomfortable. Thank you very much! Tomorrow I will post another special article to a company who also contributed:)

So the math is like this, I have money covering the following, besides what I previously wrote to you:

180 euro – round-way Cairo-Sharm el-Sheikh (it actually went from being 100 euro to 180…:( )

-40 euro pre-study tour

-22 euro 2 nights in the pre-stay and 33 euro post-stay, which is 55 euro

-15 dollars visa on the airport

50 euro – insurance in Egypt

-120 lei Timisoara – Bucharest – by train – round-way (fortunately I was left with some student coupons I haven’t used so it is cheaper this way)

And that’s it, I guess. There were a lot of changes made, we are not allowed to stay outside of Cairo’s airport because of safety issues, and they moved the study-tour directly in Sharm el-Sheikh. So I guess I will not visit the pyramids anymore, but I will enjoy one day of Tiran Island in the Red Sea. Sounds fine for me 😀

My flight is on this Tuesday and I am very excited about it, really. My dream is about to come true and I cannot be more happy for that, and also, remember, grateful for all the support I received:)

I am looking forward to post my first article from Egypt!

Have beautiful days,