Hey, world! What are you up to? I know, I know, I haven’t been quite “the posting lady” for my adventure to Egypt, but the internet there was so slow, that I could not upload or barely connect to anything, so I dropped it, using my nerves to chill my family about the situation and that’s it. So sorry for that, but now you can have, in premiere, the full story!

First of all I would like to thank all the people that have helped and supported me to go to this International Congress – I’m not playing with words, it really means a lot to me, I know I said “thank you” a lot of times, but I feel it’s never enough. And this includes also the Autoliv company, which also was there for me:)

A lot of coordinates changed for our Congress and you will see which and how.

It was a beautiful feeling – the whole Romanian delegation leaving to Cairo, we took a funny picture in the airport and we took off, thinking of the 14h wait we were supposed to have in Cairo airport, without having the permission to leave it.


So we landed in Cairo at around 2 am. and our flight to Sharm el-Sheikh was leaving next day, at 5 p.m. We stayed in a cafe’ near the airport, Kiro’s or something like this, we rested, ate something, played with some Egyptian threads that were put at our disposal by the Congress Committee and just waited. I have to say I went out of the cafe at some point and just stared at the streets, analyzing the cars and everything.


Maybe you know this, but it really amazes me that in Egypt there are no traffic lights, everything goes randomly and all the cars honk all the freaking time. And you can see them having bumps in different places, because they hit other cars – it’s quite funny I saw only one “clean” car, the rest were damaged in certain places. Also, there is this habit or procedure that all the luggage goes on top of the van, of the car, of the minibus, whatever. It’s odd, people climb a stair in order to do that, but it was something definitely out of the ordinary.

I befriended the bartenders at the cafe and asked them about facts from Egypt and it’s quite sad that except for two months, it doesn’t rain in Egypt. At all. The water supply comes mostly from the Nile. It was really amiable that the bartenders, when we went back inside, brought us some cakes (they were not as ordinary cakes, but I have no idea how to describe them), on the house, just to taste it. They were honey-ed all over and very sweet, but otherwise good. And I also drank the best and refreshing watermelon smoothie-juice ever. Reaaally really delicious.




After 14hours of sleeping, waiting, random activities, we took off to Sharm el-Sheikh. We checked in, were taken to the Amar Sina resort, something like a hostel and we collapsed on our beds. We had one day of pre-stay before the conference started, so the next day we wanted to go to the beach, to the Red Sea. I would like to add here a small comment about the security … Sharm el-Sheikh was the safest place where we could have been, so even though we passed through a lot of security checks and everything, nothing really happened. I will tell you more about the revolution in the following days.

It’s very hot in Egypt and the air is hot but fortunately I could adapt to it. And in the rooms there is always air conditioner, because sweating may be an issue, especially when trying to sleep.

So we slept like babies till the next day. It was very refreshing 🙂

Aaand the next day we went to a beach, it was not connected to the Red Sea (I don’t know how was that), because we mistook it by chance, we took a cab and thought he was going to take us to the sea.

Anyway, negotation and not wanting to pay more than you have to was my real challenge when had to get out of the taxi – I got alive, so it’s ok. The guy was pissed off, but he was not playing fair.

We spent like 3 hours lying under the sun, just relaxing, drinking some fresh juices and swimming. Because the water was so salty, I had another achievement: I learnt how to swim! I could not drown in there, so I enjoyed it deeply.




Back to Amar Sina we took lunch and went to hostel’s pool, and we spent there another 3 hours.


We did not go to the pre-study tour because they cancelled it due to the country’s curfew with 7pm, (revolution stuff) nobody was allowed to leave the hostel and wander on the streets…. so we spent the night chilling there, near the pool. I got all than and red-ish, my skin was very warm, but it felt good.

The next day was Day 0 of the International Congress, containing some sessions and the Global Village. And our move to the actual hotel, but for that part, I will come back later:)

Have a great day ahead! Hope you enjoy the pictures.