What can I offer for your help ?

I stayed and I tought about what I can offer,and I figure it out that there isn’t much , but still…

  •    I can share with you my story about India, a country you always hear so many things about, but you still feel you know nothing.
  •    I can take pictures for you, in every place that I’ll go, and if you have a special place that you want to see I can take photos and write something about that place 😉
  •   If you want to deliver something to someone dear (small things that I can carry in my luggage ), I can do that.
  •  If you want to surprise someone dear by making a video about him/her in India, it’s something that I can do.
  •    Any other special request you can write me (sfrejea.anca@gmail.com), and we can discuss about it

For these little things, I only ask for you to contribute as little as you can. Every penny can make things easier for me.

You can tell me about your decision by writing an e-mail to the above address.                                You can make the deposit here:

Sfrejea Aurelia Anca

Banca Comerciala Romana



Or you can use PayPal if it’s easier for you.

Small Donate Button
Thank you ! 🙂

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