Why this internship?

When you join AIESEC, you are told two things: LEADERSHIP & EXCHANGE. I took only the first opportunity untill now and it was amazing. I want to try EXCHANGE now. I listened for too long to other people’s story , it’s time to have my own experience. 🙂

I want this internship because I have the opportunity to leave in a country that is so different from mine, to learn and to experience such a rich culture. Because I’ll live in a big, big city, more exactly, 8 million people and that isn’t something easy to deal with, not when you lived only in a city that has around 300.000 people.

I want this internship also because it completes my studies so well. I’m studying tourism and working in a 5 star hotel for one year, is really awesome. It’s a good start for my carrer. If you want to know where I’m going to work check this link: http://www.vivantabytaj.com/Whitefield-Bangalore/Overview.html


I also chose to go in exchange because it’s a challenge, it’s something out of my comfort zone, which is realy small at the moment. 😀

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